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Native trees, shrubs, perennials, sedges and grasses for a beautiful and biodiverse landscape

Are you looking for native plants? Plants native to northeastern Indiana with local genotypes and known provenance? Plants suitable for landscaping, a rain garden, a butterfly garden or birdscaping?


If so, you are at the right place. Our perennial flowering plants and grasses have been selected for showy blooms, landscape-worthy growth habits, fall color, winter interest and wildlife. Our shrubs and trees are those not normally found in nurseries. We passionately support habitat restoration and strive to keep our plants affordable so as many people as possible will plant natives.


Explore the plants and trees we offer. Discover more reasons to use native plants and some of our favorite resources. Locate the events where you can purchase these plants. Call us if you need a speaker for your club, association or event. Sign up for a free e-newsletter and share it with friends. Like us on Facebook.


Best of all, come buy some plants from Riverview and take your garden and landscape to a higher level of beauty and biodiversity.

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