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When we discovered in the fall of 2012 that northeastern Indiana had no retail native plant nurseries, we formed Riverview Nursery.  Riverview only offers native perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs, suitable for landscapes. Most of the plants are local genotype and the rest are from this ecoregion. These plants originated in northeastern Indiana and are genetically adapted to our soils, weather, bloom times and wildlife.


Riverview is a DNR licensed nursery and all of our stock is inspected by the DNR. We sell at events and by appointment to keep our plants affordable. Riverview is listed as a native plant nursery by the Indiana Native Plant Society, Indiana DNR and Monarch Watch.


Martha Bishop Ferguson, the owner of Riverview Nursery, has grown native plants for over 35 years. She is a Master Naturalist and former advanced Master Gardener who previously directed the garden restoration project at the Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site. Martha consults with homeowners for Fort Wayne’s rain garden program. She is the co-chair of the Program Committee of the Northeast Chapter of IN Native Plant Society.

Our Promise


Our plants will enhance any landscape with showy blooms, fall foliage and winter interest.


They make beautiful bouquets.


They provide nectar, food and habitat for bees, butterflies, songbirds and other wildlife.


They help keep our rivers and lakes clean.


And all are native to northeastern Indiana.

Why Riverview? We have a special affinity for the St. Joseph River, the one that eventually flows into Lake Erie, not Lake Michigan. Our home and now the nursery sit on its southeast bank near the Spencerville Covered Bridge. As we cruise up the St. Joe and float back downstream in our paddlewheel boat, we always carry our binoculars and field identification books—and a picnic lunch. Sometimes we take our solo canoes down the river to get closer to shore. We study the shores for native plants and watch the birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other wildlife in their natural habitat, and during our explorations, we took many of the pictures on this site. Furthermore, “Riverview” reflects our active engagement in improving the river’s water quality.

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