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Our primary focus is on landscape-worthy native perennials and grasses. When you buy from Riverview Nursery, our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you select the right plants for your situation. If you need more personalized service, contact us.

On-Site Consultation

There may come a time when you need a little coaching on use of natives in your garden, landscape or lakeshore. Contact Riverview Nursery for a consultation at your home and we will assess, suggest, and guide you through the process.


These are a few examples of our consultations:

  • Can native plants help us with the low spot in our backyard where we want to put the swing set?

  • How do I even start to create a natural butterfly garden along an overgrown drainage ditch?

  • We want a native plant transition zone between our backyard and the woods.

  • Show me how to use native plants on the steep hillside that goes down to the lake. I need erosion control, beauty and places to enjoy both the water the the native plants.


These customers wanted us to see their unique situations and provide coaching. Our fee is $50 an hour plus mileage depending on the distance. It usually only takes an hour.


Call Riverview if you need a speaker for your association, club, service group, or meeting. We have been the keynote speaker for a large meeting as well as given informal talks to garden clubs in the home.


Here are some of our recent topics:

  • Lakescaping for Water Quality

  • Rain Garden Workshop

  • Native Perennials for a Sustainable Landscape

  • Hugelkultur or Mound Gardens

  • Beyond Monarchs: Backyard Wildlife Habitats

  • Not Just Natives: Local Genotypes


Contact us for availability and fees.

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Our perennials are bee-safe!

No neonicotinoid pesticides are used on our perennials and we can track their provenance from seed to your hands. High doses of this insecticide are permitted on landscape plants, even those sold to provide nectar for honey bees. Before you buy any flowering landscape plant, ask what pesticides have been used. If they cannot answer, find a nursery that sells plants that are neonicotinoid-free.

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