Riverview Nursery only sells native plants, specifically plants native to northeastern Indiana.  Most of our plants are local genotypes, propogated from seed collected from undisturbed areas in this region and the rest are from within our ecoregion. Our stock is inspected and we are licensed by the Indiana DNR.


Native Perennials, Grasses and Sedges:

Selected for use in gardens and landscapes and to support biodiversity:

  • Nectar and host plants for butterflies

  • Food and shelter for hummingbirds, song birds and ground birds

  • Blooms for pollinators from spring through fall

  • Blooms for cut flower bouquets

  • Plants for teas

  • Plants that improve water quality of our rivers and lakes

Native Shrubs and Trees:

We sell trees and shrubs not normally found in nurseries that are suitable for landscapes and support biodiversity. For all the shrubs in your landscape that just aren’t cutting it—roses that are languishing, invasive butterfly bushes and burning bushes—now’s a great time to replace them with a beautiful native just made for our Indiana climate.