Native Perennials and Grasses

Plants selected for growth habits suitable for landscapes and gardens, such as height, conspicuous bloom, and attractive foliage. Other considerations are bird, butterfly and pollinator food and habitat, cut flowers, and use in teas.


Rain Garden - search for wet soil moisture

Woodland Garden - search for shade

Butterfly and Pollinator Garden - almost any of these native plants


Species available in 2021 are still being determined, but the following species are usually available. We may be adding some new species, so watch for updates here and in our newsletter.  Detailed information about each plant is on this spreadsheet.



Most of our inventory are plugs - 2-1/4" square by 3-3/4" deep open-bottomed pots for $5. We may have quarts - $7.50, half gallons - $10, or gallons - $15 of some species.