September Tree and Shrub Pick-up

For those who ordered trees and shrubs, you will get an email with payment and pick-up information. Pick-ups will begin the evening of September 4.




September Socially Distant Open House

Saturday, September 5 from 10 am to 4 pm

Browse our inventory of perennials, grasses and sedges plus any extra trees and shrubs. We will be set up in the front lawn. You can also pick-up your orders at this time. Masks are required and we will limit the number of people browsing at one time to ten. Please maintain 6 feet distance. 5635 County Road 72, Spencerville, IN 46788. See direction below.

Direct by Appointment

Since we do not have a traditional retail store, please contact us for an appointment to visit. If you know what you want to purchase, you can place an order and we will pull the plants and arrange for pick-up. We also provide written quotes and will hold plants for you.


Phone: 260-704-5092


Directions: North on Highway 1 from Fort Wayne to Spencerville. Turn right on County Road 68 (at the first curve in Spencerville by the Covered Bridge sign) and turn right on CR 57 at the base of the bridge. In .9 miles, turn right at the first road (marked both North County Line and CR 72). In about half a mile, 5635 CR 72 is on the right where the woods end and pastures begin.

From Highway 37 coming from Fort Wayne, turn left on Cuba Road (blinking light as you enter Harlan). In about 5 miles, the road turns right and becomes Davis Road and then CR 72 at another curve. It is another 1.3 miles from Cuba Road to the nursery, on the left where the pastures end and woods begin.

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Our perennials are bee-safe!

No neonicotinoid pesticides are used on our perennials and we can track their provenance from seed to your hands. High doses of this insecticide are permitted on landscape plants, even those sold to provide nectar for honey bees. Before you buy any flowering landscape plant, ask what pesticides have been used. If they cannot answer, find a nursery that sells plants that are neonicotinoid-free.

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