Native Shrubs and Trees

(not normally found in nurseries)

Shrubs and trees are the backbone of any landscape design and native trees and shrubs also benefit bugs, birds, bees and butterflies. Many are larval host plants for butterflies and moths. You can start your own food forest, if you can beat the birds to the fruit. All are underused in the landscape. These are native to Indiana; all are species, not cultivars; and all are from our ecoregion. You can see many of these plants on the Native Trees of Indiana River Walk on the Purdue Fort Wayne campus.


To Purchase: Call for an appointment and you can browse our inventory and we can help you choose the right plant for the right place. Or if you know what you want, place your order via email ( or call 260-704-5092 and schedule a pick-up time. Payment is due at time of pick-up.



2021 Inventory

We will be restocking in April 2021 and accepting orders in March. Watch newsletter for details. The following are the plants we usually carry but we can get others if you do not see what you want, such as Pasture Rose and Wild Plum.

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Our perennials are bee-safe!

No neonicotinoid pesticides are used on our perennials and we can track their provenance from seed to your hands. High doses of this insecticide are permitted on landscape plants, even those sold to provide nectar for honey bees. Before you buy any flowering landscape plant, ask what pesticides have been used. If they cannot answer, find a nursery that sells plants that are neonicotinoid-free.

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