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Spring orders have closed. Order trees and shrubs through August for fall pick-up.

We sell trees and shrubs by pre-order only as we do not keep an inventory. Exact dates for ordering and pick-up to be determined.

Native Shrubs and Trees
(not normally found in nurseries)

Shrubs and trees are the backbone of any landscape design and native trees and shrubs also benefit bugs, birds, bees and butterflies. Many are larval host plants for butterflies and moths. You can start your own food forest, if you can beat the birds to the fruit. All are underused in the landscape. These are native to Indiana; all are species, not cultivars; and all are from our ecoregion.


To Purchase:

  1. Send an email to indicating the quantity of each species that you want.

  2. We will confirm that we received your order

  3. We will email you a quote and pick-up information.

  4. Payment is due at pick-up so you have an opportunity to inspect the plants. 

Prices: Most are in 3-gallon containers and are $40 each. The 1-gallon containers are $25. Payment is due when you pick up the plants.


Here are some ideas of what we can order you, but you are not limited to these.

Asima triloba pawpaw.jpg
Persimmon stock photo purchased.jpg
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